Water Dragon vs Bearded Dragon – Which One To Choose?

Water Dragon Vs Bearded DragonThe Facts

Reptiles can be great pets. They don’t bark, they don’t need to be walked, and, as long as they are properly cared for, they rarely get sick. Snakes tend to make people a little squeamish, so lizards can be the best all-around reptile pet. The most common choice between lizards comes down to water dragon vs bearded dragon. Like all pet choices, this question is easily answered by checking the facts against how much time and money you’re ready to give your new pet.

Water dragon vs bearded dragon food needs are very similar. Lots of crickets and meal worms, with some chopped veggies here and there will make a happy lizard. Water dragon vs bearded dragon terrarium needs are the first major difference. A water dragon terrarium is going to be larger, thus more expensive. Water dragons usually grow about a foot larger than bearded dragons, requiring about a foot more space in each dimension of their terrarium. Both will need very specific conditions, but water dragons are more sensitive to these conditions. Any changes in their environment need to be corrected quickly. Water dragons also live, with proper care, about twice as long as bearded dragons, up to 20 years. The dragons will also both become very used to their owners after a few months of daily interaction. Once a dragon gets to know you it will enjoy being handled and “played” with.

What can I handle?

Most people can’t look 20 years in the future to know that they can take care of a pet that long. This makes it more desirable for most to keep bearded dragons as pets, instead of water dragons. Some, though, want an animal that will be a part of their lives for as long as possible. Either way, you have to choose which dragon is best for you and your home. So, when making the choice between water dragon vs bearded dragon you’ll need to first decide how much time and money you have to give a new pet. The answer to this crucial question will make the choice for you.