Types of Siamese Cats: Similarities and Differences

Siamese CatsSiamese cats are the most popular of the short-haired cat breeds, and for good reason. The slender, graceful build, distinctive coloring and playful Siamese cat personality makes this breed an ideal fit for almost any owner. It is believed that today’s Siamese breed is descendant of the temple cats of ancient Siam, which were revered for good luck and keeping away evil spirits. Siamese cats made their first appearance in the United States in the late eighteen-hundreds as a “gift of Siam” to the American President. There are two types of the Siamese breed, Traditional and Extreme, each with distinctive features. Siamese cat breeders may specialize in one or both, so it is important to know the difference. Here is a quick rundown of the similarities and differences between the two types of Siamese cats:

Traditional Siamese cats are believed to be closest to what the original Siam temple cats looked like, before the selective breeding that led to the Extreme Siamese type. Traditional Siamese are also called Applehead Siamese because of their rounded, apple-shaped faces. Appleheads generally have body frames that are stockier and more rounded than their Extreme counterparts and very round, bright blue eyes.

Extreme Siamese cats are also referred to as Wedgeheads because of the very angular, triangular shape of their faces. Wedgeheads have an even shorter, sleeker coat than the Traditionals (think the opposite of Persian cats), very lean bodies supported by graceful long legs, pointed noses, long necks and tails, prominent ears and slanted, almond-shaped blue eyes. This is the preferred breed at cat shows.

Most of the differences between these two types of the Siamese breed are physical. Siamese cat behavior is generally the same, regardless of type. Energetic and full of personality, Siamese are considered the most playful of all cats breeds and are most definitely a great addition to any family.