Types of Pet Turtles

Types Of Pet Turtles

There are many types of pet turtles, and some are common and inexpensive while others may be rare and will cost a lot more to own. You will be able to choose from small pet turtles that enjoy a water habitat to larger land turtles that enjoy being in the yard. Box turtles are a popular pet, but these can become large and are not a good choice for an indoor pet. A box turtle will require an outside habitat, something that may not be possible in crowded areas and cities. Another of the best types of pet turtles is the Red Eared Slider, which is small enough to be kept as a house pet and fun to watch.

Setting up the right pet turtle habitat is important, because this can affect the health and lifespan of your turtle. The Russian Tortoise is becoming more popular as a pet, and these animals prefer rocks and dirt that they can dig into. Sliders prefer a water environment with places to rest in between bouts of swimming. There are many types of pet turtles to choose from, but you should always choose captive bred animals instead of those captured in the wild. Another choice as a pet is a painted turtle, which is colorful and small, but this species may require more pet turtle supplies because of their preferred habitat.

Other types of pet turtles can include mud turtles, snapping turtles, and other less common species. If you plan on keeping a turtle as a pet it is important that you always wash your hands after handling the animal, and this is true of any children as well. Some turtles can carry harmful bacteria, and this can cause illness in humans. As long as this is followed turtles can make excellent pets, and all of the pet turtle names you can use just add to the charm.