Trifexis for Dogs Side Effects

Trifexis For Dogs

Trifexis for dogs is a medication that treats many parasites and pests which can affect your pet, including fleas, roundworms, heartworms, hookworms, and whipworms. This treatment eliminates parasites that Frontline Plus for dogs and other flea treatments can not touch. There are a number of possible side effects with this drug that pet owners should be aware of though, and a prescription from your vet is required before this medication can be dispensed. Trifexis for dogs comes in a tablet that is easy for your dog to chew, and the drug is given on a once a month schedule, which makes it easy and convenient to administer.

Bio Spot for dogs will not be as effective against most parasites, but there are also fewer adverse side effects reported as well because of the topical application factor. The most common side effects seen with Trifexis for dogs include vomiting, an increase in thirst, excessive salivation, skin redness and irritation, an increase or decrease in appetite, and hyperactivity. Other treatments for heartworms in dogs can also include many of these side effects, and these are usually not severe enough to stop treatment. Diarrhea, vocalization, and a cough can also occur in dogs that are on this treatment.

If your pet is taking Trifexis for dogs and you notice any unusual or troublesome side effects then you should contact your vet and discuss them. Some pets may not be an ideal candidate for this medication, while others may not develop any side effects at all. Trifexis offers more than just dog flea control, this medication can protect your dog against many parasites, but caution should be used when giving this treatment. As a pet owner you should be aware of all the possible side effects that this medication can cause, so that you know when to contact a vet.