Top 5 Rimadyl Alternatives

Rimadyl Alternatives

1. Previcox

One of the top Rimadyl alternatives is Previcox. This drug is unusual because it works on the Cox 2 enzyme, where most NSAIDs work on the Cox 1 enzyme in your pet. Carprofen for dogs can be very effective, but there are a number of risks and possible side effects, and some canines may not be able to take Rimadyl because of other conditions.

2. Deramaxx

Deramaxx is one of the most frequently used Rimadyl alternatives in dogs. Comparing Deramaxx vs. Rimadyl shows that both drugs work well on pain and inflammation, and can help your pet leave a longer and more comfortable life. Deramaxx does not have some of the risks and possible side effects, so for some vets this drug is the preferred choice instead of Rimadyl.

3. Arthramine

Arthramine for dogs is a more natural alternative to Rimadyl. Arthramine includes a number of natural ingredients and compounds, like Omega-3 fatty acids, and is used to treat joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Some vets and pet owners prefer this alternative because it does contain numerous natural ingredients and can be just as effective for some pets.

4. Cosequin

One of the top Rimadyl alternatives is a nutritional supplement that can help improve joint health in your pet, preventing or eliminating joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation. Comparing Novox vs Rimadyl shows that both the brand and generic form of Rimadyl can be dangerous for some animals. Cosequin may be a safer choice for some pets.

5. Metacam

Metacam is often used as one of the most common Rimadyl alternatives. Both Metacam and Rimadyl for dogs are NSAIDs, and this typically means higher risks of digestive upset, bleeding internally, and numerous other possible complications. Metacam is also used to reduce a fever in your pet, and may be preferred in some cases over Rimadyl.