Top 5 Cat Spraying Causes

Cat Spraying CausesHas your cat started spraying? Do you wonder why? Well, none of the reasons are because he hates you, although it can certainly feel that way. Let’s look at some of the most common cat spraying causes to try to better understand why your feline friend is spreading urine all over your home.

Here is five of the most common cat spraying causes:

1. To mark territory – Un-neutered male cats are notorious for cat spraying indoors because of their natural need to mark their territory. They need to let other male cats know the food and mates in your home belong to him.

2. In heat – Un-spayed female cats may also spray your home when they are in heat. They want to let the male cats know of their presence so they can reproduce.

3. Too many cats – Cats are solitary creatures by nature so when they share their homes with lots of other cats the need for establishing boundaries using spraying increases. In fact, research shows the problem of spraying is 4 times greater in multi-cat households than in single cat households.

4. Anxiety – Another of the common cat spraying causes is stress. When they get anxious, cats may spray. In this case, your vet should be able to provide anti-anxiety medications for your cat that will help with the problem.

5. Medical – If your cat is urinating outside the litter box, this is not the same as spraying but can be easily confused with the other issue. When you see a cat spraying blood, you know the problem is most likely a urinary tract infection that needs to be treated immediately by a vet.

If you have a problem with your cat’s marking behavior, consider neutering as your first option. Research shows cat spraying after neutering declines greatly and usually stops altogether. You can also do your part with cat spraying odor removal. As long as the smell remains in that area, your cat is going to want to mark there again.

The bottom line is that you and your vet should discuss the cat spraying causes mentioned above then decide how best to deal with your pet’s problem. Remember there is a solution so don’t abandon your cat without trying all of the available options.