Top 5 Cat Constipation Symptoms

Cat Constipation SymptomsOne of the most common health concerns for cats is constipation. If the condition is left untreated for too long, the blockage in the color can prevent defecation and may need to be removed under general anesthesia by your vet. Knowing what cat constipation symptoms to watch for can help you get treatment for your cat quickly.

Here are the five cat constipation symptoms to pay attention for:

1. Straining – If your cat goes into the litter box and appears to be having difficulty, this is a good sign of constipation. One of the best cat constipation home remedies is feeding your cat small amounts of petroleum jelly to coat the intestines and help the stool come out easier.

2. Going outside the box – If your cat normally uses the litter box without complaint but suddenly begins leaving stools in other places around the house, this could also be a sign of constipation.

3. Loss of appetite – When your cat’s colon is blocked, he may feel uncomfortable and bloated to the point where he won’t want to eat.

4. Pain – If your cat makes noises or hunches over while going to the bathroom, he may be having trouble with constipation. Other possible problems could also be at work so it’s important to have your pet examined by a vet.

5. Lack of energy – Most cats are bundles of energy but if you notice your cat’s energy levels suddenly drop off then something is wrong. If lethargy is combined with any of the symptoms above, it’s a good sign your cat is suffering from constipation.

If your pet is showing these cat constipation symptoms, talk to your vet. He or she will examine your cat and maybe conduct an X-ray to determine the extent of the problem. Then you can discuss the right cat constipation treatment, which could include fluids, stool softeners, or enemas.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cat constipation cure so you’ll need to take steps to prevent the problem from recurring. Choosing wet food over dry food, ensuring your cat is always well-hydrated, and increasing his fiber intake can help keep cat constipation symptoms away.