Top 5 Baytril Side Effects

Baytril Side Effects

1. Loss of Appetite
One of the top Baytril side effects is a loss of appetite. This medication may upset or hurt your pet’s stomach, and can cause nausea. This can lead to your animal not wanting to eat as frequently or as much at each sitting. This is true whether you are using Baytril for dogs, cats, rabbits, or another animal type.

2. Vomiting
Vomiting is another of the most common Baytril side effects, because this antibiotic is very strong and can irritate or upset the stomach of your animal. If you have a sick dog vomiting who is taking Baytril then this condition is probably caused by the medicine and not another medical problem. If the vomiting is severe then you should contact the vet for advice.

3. Drowsiness
A lethargic cat may be experiencing drowsiness, one of the top five side effects caused by this drug. Normally drowsiness is not a serious side effect, and will go away after your pet stops treatment. As long as your animal is eating and drinking okay then this side effect is not normally a reason for concern.

4. Dizziness
One of the most common Baytril side effects is dizziness, and this may be exhibited in a number of ways. Your pet may have difficulty walking normally, and may lose their balance frequently. Baytril for cats is considered safe and effective for most animals, and the dizziness is not usually severe enough to stop the medication. If you are concerned you should check with your vet before stopping this medicine.

5. Diarrhea
Diarrhea is one of the Baytril side effects that are troublesome but not usually serious. If you notice your pet is not urinating as much, or has urine that is dark and smells strong, then dehydration is possible and you should consult your vet. Baytril for rabbits can stress the immune system in bunnies, and this can lead to diarrhea in these animals.