Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium Tropical Fish

Aquarium Tropical Fish1. Tangs – One of the most popular aquarium tropical fish is the Tang. There are a number of species to choose from, and they all contain vivid colors and are stunning to look at. This species does require a little more care, but they are well worth it.

2. Clownfish – Clownfish are one of the top 10 species found in saltwater aquariums. These fish do well with fish tank decorations, and it is recommended that each pair of clownfish have an anemone in the tank for the best possible results.

3. Damselfish – Damselfish are a top choice for saltwater tanks, and the colors on these varieties make them a joy to keep. Damsels can be aggressive though, so use caution when introducing them to other species. These fish are surprisingly easy to care for.

4. Basslets – Basslets come in many species, and include a rainbow of color markings and patterns. These aquarium tropical fish are very hardy, and will normally tolerate other species in the tank quite well.

5. Gobies – Gobies offer brilliant colors, and this fish is a hardy type that will do well in most saltwater conditions. While these fish may eat many types of tropical fish food they prefer live food sources, and they can be quite shy.

6.< Angelfish - The Angelfish is one of the most common saltwater tank inhabitants. Angels can be found in dwarf and full size varieties, and they are gorgeous to watch. Larger species may be aggressive though, and angels prefer many hiding spots in the tank. 7. Blennies - Blennies are one of the smaller types of aquarium tropical fish, and they do not usually have the bright colors and vivid markings. These fish offer personality and entertainment instead of color, and each one has a unique personality and characteristics. 8. Lionfish - Lionfish are frequently found in tropical fish tanks, even though this is a venomous fish. The exotic appearance and tank activity make this a great fish to keep, but they are carnivorous and will eat smaller species. A sting from this fish may be very uncomfortable for humans, but is not usually fatal. 9. Cardinals - Cardinal fish are smaller than many other saltwater fish, but this does not stop them from being one of the most popular aquarium tropical fish choices. The bright colors and varied appearances make these a favorite for almost any saltwater aquarium owner. 10. Parrotfish - Parrotfish prefer being in schools, and this fish is highly unusual in a number of ways. The parrot fish can change color and even sex, and may do so repeatedly, which makes it much more challenging than any of the freshwater aquarium fish.