Top 10 Rabbit Breeders Online

Rabbit BreedersRabbit Breeders will rarely sell and ship rabbits online, but you can still find breeders local to you and purchase supplies over the internet. Rabbits are very sensitive to shipping and many die from heart failure in transit. This has caused most breeders to stop shipping the animals, and many states have made it illegal. If you’re looking for pet rabbits for sale in your area online, though, here is a list of the best sites that will point you in the right direction.

1. – Inet Giant is a classified ads site that hosts listings from many different vendors. You can search by pet bunny breeds, region, or price.

  2. – Rabbits Online is a great resource for information on caring for rabbits. They don’t have many links to breeders, but the information is more than valuable.

3. – The Fare Hair is an Arkansas breeder’s site that carries a ton of information. This breeder only sells English Angora and Lionhead breeds.

4. – Barbi’s Brown Bunnies is another potent source of information on rabbit care. Here you can purchase rabbit hutches and cages for shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Barbi’s is one of many rabbit breeders in the state of California.

5. – Fair Find Rabbits has a wealth of information on caring for rabbits. They sell high end rabbit breeds within California. This site has lots of links that will help you find a breeder local to you.

6. – RR Bunny Barn is one of many rabbit breeders in Florida. Despite the heat, breeders seem to do very well in Florida. RR Bunny Barn only sells rabbits within a few hour drive of their rabbitry.

7. – Willow Brook Rabbitry is a Colorado based breeder. They sell both pet rabbits and breeder rabbits. There is also a large amount of breeding information on this site.

8. – Rosewood Rabbitry is a Connecticut based breeder that sells a large number of breeds, many of them with full pedigrees. Rabbit breeders that carry this many breeds are rare, fortunately they serve much of the Notheast region.

9. – Ewok Rabbitry is another of Florida’s rabbit breeders. This breeder also has a large diversity of breeds for sale; they primarily serve the South Florida region.

10. – Toohill’s Rabbitat is a small Illinois breeder selling a handful of large breeds.