Top 10 Labrador Retriever Breeders

Labrador Retriever Breeders

1. Golden Lightning Labs

One of the top Labrador retriever breeders, Golden Lightning Labs offers unusual white labs as well as cross breeds. This breeder is a popular choice for anyone who wants a quality puppy.

2. Chambray Labradors

Chambray features yellow Labrador retriever puppies with an exceptional bloodline and superior show and hunting abilities. These dogs are well cared for from birth, and offer exceptional genetics as well as typical breed traits.

3. Kelrobin Woodhaven Labs

This Michigan breeder is one of the top ten in the world, and you can find a variety of colors available in the litters of puppies offered. This breeder keeps the dogs in the home, instead of in a kennel, so they are well socialized from birth.

4. Laurel Knob Breeders

This is one of the top Labrador retriever breeders because of the training and care that the puppies receive until they are sold to their new owners. All of the puppies offered are tested for temperament, as well as any health problems or genetic issues.

5. Snowy Mountain Labradors

Instead of the golden or black Labrador retriever, this breeder specializes in the snowy white breed. These dogs are prized for their beauty and unusual coloring, as well as their athletic and hunting abilities and loving disposition.

6. Our Lovable Labs

This breeder is located in Minnesota, and you will find a variety of lab types when you start looking for the right puppy. This breeder offers white, yellow, and chocolate lab puppies, and the parents can be seen on the premises as well.

7. Shadyside Labradors

Shadyside is one of the top ten Labrador retriever breeders because of the love and concern for the puppies and the breed. This is evident from your first contact with the breeder, and the puppies are not sold to just any buyer.

8. Susana Labradors

English Labrador retriever puppies in every color type possible can be found with this top breeder. In addition to breeding and puppy services this breeder also boards and trains labs.

9. 1 Labrador Retriever Breeder

As one of the top Labrador retriever breeders, this choice offers show quality puppies that also have excellent hunting capabilities. All of the puppies offered for sale have been checked out thoroughly by a vet and are very well socialized.

10. Top Dawg Labrador Retrievers

Whether you are looking for a puppy to show, to hunt with, or to send to guard dog training this breeder can give you what you are looking for.