Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting Dog Breeds

1. Beagle
One of the best hunting dog breeds is the beagle, well known for the ability to hunt rabbits and alert you when one is found. The beagle will flush out the rabbit so that you can take a shot.
2. English Springer Spaniel
This dog is ideal for hunting that involves birds and guns, but the longer coat means that you may need additional hunting dog supplies and extra time for grooming. This spaniel is medium sized, and is very intelligent which makes the breed good for hunting.

3. Coonhound
A coonhound is used to tree smaller animals, like opossums and raccoons, and then to alert until you reach the tree to take the animal.

4. English Setter
The English Setter is one of the top hunting dog breeds because these dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and love to go into the water. These dogs have the talents of pointers and spaniels both.

5. German Shorthaired Pointer
No hunting dog collars are needed with this breed in many cases, and the German Shorthaired Pointer can hunt on the water as well as on land. The breed is very intelligent, and has good eyesight and smell both.

6. Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever is a breed that is well rounded, and can hunt in almost all conditions. Whether you are shooting birds over the water or need a dog to flush out pheasants this breed can do it.

7. Irish Setter
This is one of the hunting dog breeds which will flush out land birds, so that you have the ability to shoot them down. A high energy level means this setter enjoys hunting activity immensely.

8. Cocker Spaniel
Without any dog collars and harnesses, a cocker spaniel can be one of the top breeds for hunting purposes. These dogs will flush out any prey so that it is in the open, and can be targeted.

9. Weimaraner
One of the large hunting dog breeds, the Weimaraner has a short coat so maintenance is easy. The breed is known for stubbornness as well as exceptional hunting ability, so they are not ideal for everyone.

10. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
This retriever is one of the best duck hunting dogs, and this is why they are named after the Chesapeake Bay. This breed enjoys being in the water, which is why they are a good choice for hunting water birds.