Top 10 Ferret Toys

Ferret Toys1. Super Through Way By Marshall- One of the top ferret toys, the Super Through Way is made specifically for ferrets, and contains tunnels that your pet will love to travel through.

2. Kong Toy For Ferrets- Part of good ferret care means keeping your pet amused, and the Kong toy is almost impossible for your animal to destroy. Treats can also be placed inside the toy for an even bigger treat and more fun.

3. Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel- The Super Crinkle Tunnel is another toy that offers your ferret places to hide and an environment that they enjoy. Ferrets love small spaces, and this toy can provide all the entertainment your pet wants.

4. Ferretrail Playground Kit By Super Pet- This kit is one of the top ten ferret toys, and the kit comes with several components that combine to create a complete playground for your pet. Your ferret will spend hours playing in this kit, and may not want to leave.

5. Tumble Toy For Ferrets- Ferrets as pets are social animals, and play is important. The Tumble Toy for ferrets is a plush stuffed toy that is designed to be easy for your pet to grab and hold, so they can enjoy playtime.

6. Interactive Teaser Toy By Marshall- A bell, a string, and a furry object combine to make this toy one of the top ten, an a favorite for many ferrets.

7. Sports Balls By Marshall- Marshall makes these ferret toys in miniature ball varieties, like footballs, basketballs, and others.

8. Pull And Go Toy- You can find this toy where ferret supplies are available, and it involves a furry animal that can be pulled on a string. The toy vibrates, and bells make sound that attract your pet.

9. Pet Octo-Play By Marshall- This is one of the larger ferret toys, and can double as a sleeping area for many ferrets. Five arms are actually tunnels that your pet can explore, and the body offers a hiding and sleeping spot.

10. Super Pet Shake Rattle And Roll- More fun than a ferret hammock, this toy package includes three bouncy balls which reach incredible heights. Each ball has an indent so that your ferret can hold them easily.