Top 10 Dog Races Locations

Dog Races

1. Hollywood, Florida

Dog races in Florida usually refers to greyhounds, and the track at Hollywood, Florida proves that this is true. This track is one of the top ten in the country, possibly even the world.

2. Jacksonville, Florida

In Jacksonville greyhound racing is extremely popular, and is enjoyed by all ages of adults from the young to the old. The Jacksonville track is modern and comfortable, and the excitement during the races is contagious.

3. Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is the home to the Iditarod, one of the most famous sled dog races in the world. Every year thousands of people travel from all over to watch this race, which is an intense challenge even for seasoned racers.

4. Yellowknife, Canada

This location is where one of the top dog sled races is held each year, the Yellowknife Sled Dog Derby. The bitter winter conditions during this three day event makes this race one of endurance as well as speed.

5. San Diego, California

This city is home to one of the top dog races anywhere. This is where the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals are held, and the top sixteen weiner dogs from around the country will compete to see who is the fastest.

6. Buda, Texas

In Buda the weiner dog races are held each year, and these races are fun and exciting to watch. This event has been held for more than a decade, and people come from all over the USA to watch these races play out.

7. Forest of Dean, United Kingdom

This location is where one of the most popular dog races is held, and the event involves sled racing through the forest trails.

8. Fairbanks, Alaska

The Gold Run is one of the top Alaskan sled dog race events in the state. This race is held every February, and mushers travel from around the globe to compete.

9. Aviemore, Scotland

This city and area of Scotland offers sled dog races that attract visitors from all over, and Cairngorm Sled Center race really challenges that race participants along the route.

10. Nottingham, England

Nottingham is one of the top greyhound racing tracks in the world, and this track draws in crowds of all types. You may see high profile royalty and well known politicians at this track, along with others who are not wealthy or well known.