Top 10 Dog Obedience Training Tips

Dog Obedience Training1. The first step in dog obedience training is to establish that you are the alpha member of the pack, and this is the natural order for dogs in the wild. If your pet does not recognize your dominance then you will not be able to train them effectively.

2. Use leather dog leashes instead of chain versions, because of the noise the chain may startle or distract your pet from the training lesson. A harness is often more appropriate than a collar, so that you do not hurt the neck area of your dog from pulling.

3. Be specific with your commands and instructions. If you tell your pet no then continue this with a simple command or explanation, such as no garbage or no potty in the house. Your pet will learn quicker this way.

4. Rewards are an important part of any dog obedience training, and this should include plenty of praise and attention as well as treats. Your attention is a reward for your pet the same way that a treat is, and plenty of praise will give your pet positive reinforcement.

5. Understanding how to train your dog means understanding the natural instincts and wild behavior of dogs in general. As pack animals there are certain instincts that your dog will have, and if you understand these you can use them to improve your training results.

6. Be very consistent in your training sessions, because consistency is the most important factor in your dog retaining what is learned. When you are consistent your dog knows what to expect, and will be more comfortable.

7. Be realistic in what you can expect from dog obedience training. Your dog is unique, and so are their abilities. Some dogs will learn quickly while others may take more time. The personality as well as the breed of dog will have an effect on their training success.

8. Dog to dog aggression can be a big problem, and one way to prevent this is to understand when your dog is uncomfortable and remove them from the situation. If your pet does not want to socialize then do not force the issue, wait until they are ready.

9. Nutrition is essential in dog obedience training, and the cost of a high quality dog food will usually be rewarded with better training results. Your pet must have the protein and other nutrients needed for energy to be able to learn and play.

10. Dog obedience schools can be the right solution if your dog is exhibiting problem behaviors that you can not correct. These classes can be expensive but are worth it if you have a pet that has become unmanageable.