Top 10 Dog Grooming Supplies Dog Owners Should Have

Dog Grooming SuppliesIf you own a dog there’s no doubt that, at some point or another, you’ve walked into a pet store and been overwhelmed by the selection of dog grooming supplies. Sure, you know it’s important to give Fido a bath, but how do you choose a shampoo amongst the seemingly hundreds available? And do you really need a fancy brush? What’s more, why are those thinning scissors so expensive? If your head swims with questions every time you shop for your doggy’s grooming supplies, then take this list of top ten dog grooming supplies dog owners should have next time you go to the store:

1. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner especially for dogs. Do not use human shampoo, as its pH is not balanced for a dog’s skin.

2. Every pet owner interested in grooming should have a good set of dog grooming shears. Shears, or trimmers, come in a variety of models, some more expensive than others.

3. Dog grooming combs are necessary for picking out any mats in your dog’s fur.

4. A good canine brush should be used daily, especially if your dog has an especially long or thick coat. Brushing against the grain of the coat will make your dog’s fur extra fluffy.

5. Nose scissors are dog grooming supplies that often get overlooked, but it is important to check your dog’s hygiene in that area, and to clip any long hairs.

6. Get a good ear wash and be sure to check your dog’s ears for fungus and mites every time you groom.

7. Dog grooming clippers are an absolute necessary for keeping those nails trimmed down to the quick. Be sure to get the appropriate size for your dog.

8. If you want to get serious about grooming, invest in one of the many dog grooming tubs on the market.

9. If you have a particularly long-haired dog breed, thinning shears are a necessity during the summer months.

10. Take control of preventative care for your dog’s oral hygiene with a dental scaler and save on expensive teeth cleanings at the vet.

Remember that grooming your dog can be a great bonding experience for the two of you. Once you have the right dog grooming supplies, you can relax and enjoy that quality time with your furry friend.