Top 10 Cockatoo Parrot Facts Owners Should Know

Cockatoo ParrotAre you looking into adopting a cute, spunky cockatoo parrot? Then you’ll certainly want to learn enough about this smart and fun-loving breed to know whether or not it is the best pet for you. There are many different types of cockatoos , and they all require a high level of attention and upkeep. Choosing from a vast selection of cockatoo bird cages will be the least of your responsibilities when you take one of these feathered friends home as a pet. Cockatoos can be a great addition to most any family, as long as you know what you’re getting into. Here are top ten cockatoo parrot facts owners should know:

1. Cockatoos are extremely loud birds. They love screaming, and will do so mostly in the mornings and evenings.

2. The Moluccan cockatoo is the largest cockatoo breed, and is so cuddly and affectionate that it is actually referred to as a “lap bird.”

3. Cockatoos are extremely intelligent and can be taught many tricks.

4. It is possible to teach your cockatoo parrot to repeat some words, but don’t ever expect it to amass a large vocabulary.

5. Cockatoos may live to be one-hundred years old!

6. The Umbrella cockatoo shares the Moluccan’s lovable temperament, but is smaller and has different coloring.

7. Cockatoos create a lot of dander, so they may not be appropriate pets for people with allergies.

8. Known for being amusing pets, cockatoos love to show off and get people’s attention.

9. Goffin cockatoos are the smallest of the cockatoo bunch. Some consider them the quietest, too.

10. Cockatoos love puzzles, namely figuring out how to unlock their cages.

As you can see from this list, a cockatoo parrot makes a great pet that can fill your home with love and laughter. But a cockatoo can also fill your home with noise and dander. You must be prepared to take the bad with the good when you venture to own a cockatoo, but as any cockatoo lover will tell you, you won’t be sorry you did.