Top 10 Cat Toys

Cat Toys

1. Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse

One of the top ten cat toys is the Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse, and this toy will give your pet hours of fun and excitement.

2. Panic Mouse

The panic mouse cat toy is sure to get your cat’s predatory instincts going. This toy will cause your cat to lose control, and is a great way to amuse your cat.

3. Hartz Kitty Frenzy

These fuzzy mice are realistic enough to make your cat love playing with them. The mice come in a pack of twelve, and the only drawback is the small tail which can be swallowed.

4. Da Bird

Da Bird is one of the top cat toys on the list, and it is interactive as well as appealing. The feathers and movement will make your cat pay attention, and give them plenty to do.

5. SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp

Better than a cat scratching post, the Chickadee Chirp toy makes noise whenever your cat bats it around. Fair warning though, the toy can be annoying after a while and you may hide it to get a break.

6. Mylar Balls

These balls are fun for your cat to hit around the room and chase, and they are completely safe for your cat to play with.

7. Pet Zone Race and Chase

This is one of the cat toys that requires your pet to do something, and it is a popular choice for pets and owners both.

8. Zanies Realistic Mice Cat Toys

Cat clothes are cute, but the Zanies Realistic Mice toys are fun and will occupy your little angel for hours.

9. Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

One of the top cat toys is the peek a prize toy box. This toy will give your cat mental stimulation as well as physical activity.

10. Bergan Star Chaser

This interactive cat toy lights up, includes a scratching pad area, and has a track that contains a ball for your cat to chase and hit.