Top 10 Bird Feeding Tips

Bird Feeding Tips1. One of the top bird feeding tips involves whether or not to add a grit supplement once or twice a week. Grit helps birds digest food, and in the wild is needed for proper digestion. Pet bird food can usually be digested without grit, but a supplement can be offered if desired and will not cause any harm.

2. Never feed your budgie bird chocolate, or give it to any other type of pet bird either, because this food is toxic to birds and will cause their death.

3. Never feed fruit seeds to any bird, whether it is a singing canary or large parrot. Some fruits, including cherries, apples, and many others, are healthy for your bird but the seeds contain small amounts of cyanide and can be deadly.

4. One of the best bird feeding tips is the use of wild bird treats. Even pet birds will enjoy a suet cake mixed with peanut butter, fruit, or both. This treat is delicious and nutritious for both domestic pet birds and wild birds.

5. Birds enjoy bite size pieces of many fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and grains. Broccoli, apples which have been cored and have had the seeds removed, orange slices, cheerios and other whole grain cereals, and other foods can be a tasty treat for almost any bird.

6. Keeping owls as pets is not a good idea for most people. The diet for these birds consists only of meat, so raw dead animals must be served each day.

7. Many bird feeding tips concern snacks and homemade treats. One healthy choice your bird will really enjoy is a slice of whole wheat toast that is spread with peanut butter, and then sprinkled with raisins.

8. Part of African grey parrot care is understanding that these birds are prone to calcium deficiency. This can be remedied by mixing a small amount of ground eggshell with the soft food or by scraping the cuttlebone over the food before giving it to the bird.

9. Dried cereal is commonly recommended in bird feeding tips, as long as it is not loaded with sugar. Whole grain cereals are the best choice, and you should never give your bird milk as it is not good for them.

10. It is not necessary to buy a mix for hummingbird feeders, a better and less expensive method is to mix one part sugar and four parts water. Boil this mixture for two to three minutes and then store in the refrigerated until used.