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Benazepril for Dogs Review

Benazepril For Dogs

What is Benazepril for dogs, why is this medication used, and what should owners know about this drug? Benazepril is available by prescription only, and is prescribed for both dogs and cats. This drug is used to treat high blood pressure, in cases of heart failure and for certain kidney diseases and conditions. Benazepril for cats and dogs is not FDA approved;

Soloxine for Dogs Dosage – How Much to Give?

Soloxine For dogs

What is Soloxine for dogs, and how much of this medication should be given? This medication is a prescription only treatment that is used in cases of hypothyroidism in dogs, and should only be used as directed by the vet. The usual dose of this drug prescribed is 0.1 mg of the drug for every 10 pounds of body weight, and a higher dose may be prescribed in certain situations.

Methazolamide for Dogs Glaucoma Treatment

Methazolamide For Dogs

Methazolamide for dogs is a drug that is used to treat glaucoma, and this medication reduces the fluid that is produced so that the intraocular pressure is reduced as well. The medication is given in tablet form, requires a prescription from your vet, and has not been FDA approved for treating animals. Although FDA approval has not been given it is a common practice for vets to prescribe this medication for glaucoma in dogs

Pancrezyme Powder for Dogs Benefits and Side Effects

Pancrezyme Powder

Pancrezyme powder is a prescription only product that contains pancreatic enzymes, and this product is prescribed for dogs who suffer from maldigestion syndrome or whose bodies do not produce needed quantities of pancreatic enzymes on their own and need a supplemental dose.

Cushings Disease in Dogs Symptoms and Treatment

Cushings Disease in DogsCushings disease in dogs, also called hyperadrenocorticism, is caused by an overproduction of corticosteroids (or prednisone) by the adrenal gland, or even by over administration of prednisone. In the latter case, canine Cushings disease is easily cured by simply lowering the dose of corticosteroid being administered. However, cases of adrenal gland overproduction can have more than one cause and are more difficult to treat.

Dog Health Insurance Comparison

Dog Health InsuranceYou may wonder if dog health insurance is necessary. The truth is, if your dog gets sick and has to be rushed to the vet, it could end up costing you thousands. Considering you may purchase insurance for your dog for as low as five dollars a month, dog insurance is definitely something worth looking into. You may purchase health insurance for dogs as young as eight weeks old.

Patchy Hair Loss in Dogs Symptoms and Treatment

Hair Loss in DogsA healthy dog’s coat is an easy one to spot: shiny and smooth. However, when clumps of fur begin to pile around the house or there is visible, excessive hair loss in dogs it is just as easy to spot, and upsetting for pet and owner.

The causes of hair loss in dogs are myriad, and some are completely normal. Many breeds of dog have an outer coat and an inner coat, and shed regularly during seasonal changes. However, in some cases canine hair loss indicates an underlying health problem. The key to determining if you are dealing with sick dog symptoms is to note your dog’s behavior and other health factors. Is it itching and scratching too much? Has the dog’s temperament or eating patterns changed? If so, you may be dealing with something else other than natural hair loss in dogs.

Top 10 Dog Illness Diagnosis Helping Tips

Dog Illness DiagnosisWhen something just seems “off” about your dog it’s not as easy to as discerning what’s wrong with yourself or with a child who can describe it to you. However, by knowing what to look for and observing sick dog symptoms you can better help your veterinarian properly make a dog illness diagnosis.

Below are the Top Ten Symptoms that can help in a dog illness diagnosis when you need it most:

1. Dry Nose — A dog’s nose should be moist and cool, and a nose that is not indicates illness. By gently touching the tip you can tell if your dog’s nose is dry or cracked.

Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed

Sick Dog SymptomsSymptoms for illness in humans are relatively easy to determine. Questions like “What hurts?” “How does your head feel?,” or “When did you start feeling queasy?” can usually be answered straightforwardly. However, when dealing with sick dog symptoms, there are no responses easily gauged. So it is up to the owner to watch the signs and take necessary actions.

How can you tell when your canine friend isn’t well? Here are ten sick dog symptoms to note.

Excessive Panting in Dogs Causes

Excessive Panting in DogsPanting is a natural behavior for dogs, and an important part of their biological process. Unlike humans, dogs have very few sweat glands, and panting is their way of regulating their body temperature. Dogs also pant after normal exercise, or even when under stress. A puppy in a new home is likely to pant a great deal, but this should gradually subside.

However, excessive panting in dogs can be an indications of serious problems, some potentially fatal. Dogs often pant when ill or injured, in addition to when they’re well. Panting can signify the onset of heat stroke, which very rapidly can lead to brain damage or death, or other illnesses such as myasthenia gravis, an immune disorder that affects the muscles, canine Cushing’s disease, or even heart degeneration. It’s important to watch carefully when you notice heavy breathing.