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Types of Siamese Cats: Similarities and Differences

Siamese CatsSiamese cats are the most popular of the short-haired cat breeds, and for good reason. The slender, graceful build, distinctive coloring and playful Siamese cat personality makes this breed an ideal fit for almost any owner. It is believed that today’s Siamese breed is descendant of the temple cats of ancient Siam, which were revered for good luck and keeping away evil spirits.

7 Interesting Facts About Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll CatsRagdoll cats are bulky, large-breed felines known for their watery blue eyes, thick and plush fur (think the opposite of short-haired Siamese cats) and distinctive coat coloring, and their easy-going personality makes them the perfect addition to any family. If you are looking into ragdoll cats for sale, you’ll want to know more about the breed before making a decision. The ragdoll breed has an intriguing history and it’s personality has many notable characteristics.

Bengal Cats For Sale – What Questions To Ask Breeders?

Bengal Cats For SaleAnyone interested in becoming the owner of an exotic cat will notice that, next to Siamese cats, one of the most prevalent choices is amongst Bengal cats for sale. The Bengal is a fairly new species of cat that is a combination of the Asian leopard and domestic breeds, resulting in a cat with a house-pet temperament and wild, exotic look.