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Baytril for Rabbits – How to Use?

Baytril For Rabbits

Baytril for rabbits is a common medication prescribed by vets for many infections caused by bacteria, but how should you use this drug? Your vet may prescribe this medicine in a number of forms when caring for rabbits, and these include a pill form, an oral liquid form, and an injection form. One problem when using this medicine

Rabbit Runny Stool – What Is Causing Rabbit Diarrhea?

Rabbit Runny StoolA healthy rabbit’s stool is small, dry, and round—rabbit diarrhea is rare. The instances that give a rabbit runny stool are relatively few, and none are to be taken lightly.

Baby Rabbit Diarrhea

When caring for rabbits younger than eight weeks old, diarrhea is actually a sign of life-threatening condition. Many rabbits are sold at a much younger age than healthy, to appeal to buyers looking for “small and cute.” However, rabbits need to nurse from their mothers for those eight weeks, as their mothers’ milk protects them from harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, one of the most deadly to a baby rabbit is one that humans carry naturally.

Rabbit Litter Training – Easy or Difficult?

Rabbit Litter TrainingWhen you share your home with a rabbit, cleaning up messes on the floor can seem like a nuisance. One solution is rabbit litter training. Just as a pet cat can be trained to use a box for going to the bathroom, so can a rabbit. The process requires patience and persistence but pays off in the end.

Getting Started

The first part of rabbit litter training is placement of the rabbit litter box. Most rabbits have a certain area of their cage where they prefer using the bathroom. Once you find that area you can place the box there. Now it may seem disgusting to humans but rabbits don’t mind eating and going to the bathroom at the same time. In fact, they might even enjoy it a bit.