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Top 10 Pet Bunny Breeds

Pet Bunny BreedsThere are nearly fifty different pet bunny breeds, so choosing the one that’s right for you can be daunting. When looking for pet bunny breeds, it is best to look for one compatible with your expectations. Does one take easier to rabbit litter training? Is one better for young children? A little research is your best friend when searching for a pet rabbit.

Here are ten popular pet bunny breeds.

Rabbit Hutches – How To Plan Best Home for Your Bunnies?

Rabbit HutchesRabbit hutches are a great way to cage your rabbit outdoors where they feel the best. Because they will be outdoors, it is important that their hutches can protect them from the outdoors. Weather and predators are the two worst enemies of outdoor rabbits. Just like rabbit cages, hutches need to provide plenty of space for movement and accessories such as food bowls and litter boxes. There are a number of rabbit hutches available for purchase through your local pet store, but many people decide to build their own.

Rabbit Cages and Supplies Review

Rabbit CagesWhen buying a new pet it is always important to know all the supplies you’ll need to care for them. Caring for rabbits is no different. Rabbits have specific needs that, while similar to other pets, are distinctive of rabbits. Your first step should be reviewing rabbit cages. Depending on the breed of rabbit, or hare, you plan to keep; you will need a cage big enough to give them plenty of room to move about. Rabbit cages should also be made of metal, rabbits chew just about everything they can and that includes their cage. A metal cage will hold up to chewing and discourage chewing in the first place.

Rabbit Litter Training – Easy or Difficult?

Rabbit Litter TrainingWhen you share your home with a rabbit, cleaning up messes on the floor can seem like a nuisance. One solution is rabbit litter training. Just as a pet cat can be trained to use a box for going to the bathroom, so can a rabbit. The process requires patience and persistence but pays off in the end.

Getting Started

The first part of rabbit litter training is placement of the rabbit litter box. Most rabbits have a certain area of their cage where they prefer using the bathroom. Once you find that area you can place the box there. Now it may seem disgusting to humans but rabbits don’t mind eating and going to the bathroom at the same time. In fact, they might even enjoy it a bit.