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Top 10 Cat Vitamins and Supplements

Cat Vitamins

1. Probiotics

Cat vitamins and supplements are popular, and one of the top supplements are probiotics. These beneficial digestive bacteria can improve your cat’s health and digestive system, and many people offer these supplements on a daily or weekly basis.

Prescription Diet Cat Food – When Does Your Cat Need It?

Prescription Diet Cat Food

Is prescription diet cat food really necessary, or is it simply overpriced and a great way for your vet to earn extra income? Most vets are honest, and will only prescribe a specific food for certain medical problems or conditions if the dietary needs are legitimate.

Dental Diet Cat Food Review

Dental Diet Cat FoodThere is some debate amongst cat owners as to the best way to tend to their pet’s oral hygiene, from the use of dental diet cat food to herbal supplements. Tartar buildup in cats can lead to infection that spreads throughout the entire body, and while it is inarguable that it is important to pay close attention to oral health for cats, the best method of doing so is debatable.