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Top 10 Cat Grooming Tips

Cat Grooming Tips

1. One of the top cat grooming tips is that you should always pick a time when you and your cat are both relaxed and calm. Trying to groom your pet when you are tense or upset is a recipe for failure, and will make future grooming efforts harder.

Bengal Cat Personality Traits

Bengal Cat PersonalityAnyone looking into owning a Bengal should know as much as possible about the Bengal cat personality before making a decision. Like the safari, chausi and Savannah cats, the Bengal is a hybrid of exotic and domestic cat breeds. The Bengal in particular is a crossbreed of the Asian leopard and domestic cat breeds, resulting in a cat with an exotic leopard-print coat and the temperament of a traditional house cat.

Pregnant Cats With Fleas and Worms – How To Treat Safely?

Pregnant CatsWhen you are dealing with pregnant cats, you need to do everything you can to protect their health and the health of those unborn kittens. While fleas or worms may not be a huge problem in an otherwise healthy cat, treating these conditions while the cat is pregnant can be risky. Below is some information to help you consider what steps to take.

Dealing with Fleas

Pregnant cats with fleas need to be treated for the condition.