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Horse Leg Injuries Review

Horse Leg InjuriesA horse’s life depends on its ability to stride and walk with ease. However, not all kinds of horse leg injuries can be prevented, and an owner will eventually have to find treatments for the ordinary wear and tear a horse’s day to day life will bring.

Most of a horse’s weight, around 65-70%, is supported by its front legs. Thus, a lame horse will more than likely show signs of injury on its forelegs. Horse leg injuries cause a horse to move hesitantly or sluggishly, or make them seem reluctant to complete exercises.

Navicular Disease in Horses Symptoms and Treatment

Navicular Disease in HorsesResearchers have yet to figure out the actual cause of navicular disease in horses. The navicular bone is found in the front limbs. Compression and tension are two possible factors in the development of navicualar disease in horses.

If the horse’s foot is not landing correctly when he walks or runs, the cartilage becomes compressed.