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Lysodren For Dogs Side Effects

Lysodren for DogsCushing’s disease in dogs is a potentially life threatening condition in which the adrenal glands produce too many hormones. When unchecked, this overproduction can suppress the immune system’s ability to fight infection, hypothyroidism, diabetes, or kidney failure.

Lysodren for dogs is one of the more common methods of treatment for canine Cushing’s disease. Given in pill form, Lysodren is a drug that slightly erodes the top layers of the adrenal gland, producing corticosteroid hormones—the hormone overproduced in Cushing’s disease. In this way it keeps cortisol production at safer levels.

Canine Liver Disease Diet – What To Give To My Dog?

Canine Liver Disease DietDetection

Your dog’s liver functions much like your own; it carries out the same tasks, carries out these tasks in a similar manner, and has a similar structure. Because of this, we have a wealth of information on identifying and treating liver problems in dogs. Testing to detect elevated liver enzymes in dogs is the most common way to test for liver problems. Once a liver problem has been found, the best form of treatment usually comes in the form of a balanced canine liver disease diet.