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Guide Dogs for The Blind Breeds and Training

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide dogs for the blind are specially bred and trained, and these dogs are only selected from certain breeds which are intelligent and have a very favorable temperament. Before being placed as a guide dog these animals must undergo dog obedience training, be properly socialized, and be certified as healthy. Volunteers who live within the required distance of the center will raise the puppies

Top 10 Dog Obedience Training Tips

Dog Obedience Training1. The first step in dog obedience training is to establish that you are the alpha member of the pack, and this is the natural order for dogs in the wild. If your pet does not recognize your dominance then you will not be able to train them effectively.

2. Use leather dog leashes instead of chain versions, because of the noise the chain may startle or distract your pet from the training lesson.

Leather Dog Leashes Review

Leather Dog LeashesLeather dog leashes are definitely a necessity when walking or training your canine companion. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these leashes, as well as some information about other equipment you’re going to need.

Benefits of Leather Leashes

Although you’ll find other options in your local pet store, leather dog leashes do provide a wide range of benefits.