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Horse Thrush Treatment Products

Horse Thrush TreatmentIf your horse has ever suffered from thrush, you know that the odor is enough to immediately send you running for a horse thrush treatment. Once you see and smell thrush, there’s no mistaking it. Thrush is caused by either a fungus or a bacterium that many believe lives in the soil. It is not known for sure exactly where or how a horse contracts thrush, but it is certain that the organism that causes thrush thrives in dark, airless spaces, meaning your horse’s hoofs are a perfect breeding ground.

White Line Disease In Horses

White Line Disease in HorsesWhite line disease in horses occurs when the outer wall of the hoof separates from the laminae. This is the place where the foot joins to the hoof. The first sign is a thin white line, hence the name. The outer wall of the hoof becomes brittle and cracks. Cracks allow secondary opportunistic infections to take hold. Over time, a complete separation can occur and the bones in the horse’s feet can shift out of place. Since white line disease in horses affects the feet, it is also referred to as seedy toe.

Top 10 Horse Training Tips

Horse Training TipsTraining your new horse can seem like a daunting task. Following a few horse training tips can help you and your horse have a positive training experience. Make sure you gather as much background information on your horse as possible.

1. Do not start training your horse until they are 2 years old.

Equine Cushings Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Equine Cushings DiseaseAlthough not the most common disease to affect horses, Equine Cushings Disease can cause devastating consequences for the health of your horse. Understanding the disease and knowing how to recognize the symptoms can lead to earlier treatment if it does occur and, hopefully, a happier outcome.

The Disease and Its Symptoms

Top 5 Horse Hoof Problems

Horse Hoof ProblemsWhen it comes to a horse’s health and quality of life, the condition of her hoofs will play an important role. Horse hoof problems can usually be treated but catching them early is the key. Below are the most common problems likely to affect your horse’s hoofs.

1. Thrush – This bacterial infection of the frog-portion of the hoof stems from the collection of manure and debris in that part of the foot.

Lame Horse – How To Deal With Equine Lameness?

Lame HorseNo owner wants to have a lame horse. However, equine lameness is a common affliction that can strike for a number of reasons. Understanding those reasons and knowing how to identify the cause can speed up your horse’s recovery.

Spotting a Lame Horse

You can usually tell if your horse is suffering from lameness just by watching her movements.