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Equine Respiratory Health: 7 Things You Need To Know

Equine Respiratory HealthEquine respiratory health can be compromised by a number of different conditions, some more severe than others. If you are a horse owner and have noticed symptoms of compromised respiratory health in your beloved animal, the most obvious being heaves in horses, then you will no doubt want to study up on what could be causing your horse to struggle with its breathing. Here is a brief description of seven things you need to know about equine respiratory health:

Treatment for Heaves in Horses Review

Heaves in HorsesKnown as the heaves, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a severe constriction of the lung passages. Heaves in horses causes strained breathing, coughing, and the effort of breathing may enlarge the muscles around the midsection—making a “heave line.” It is not a form of respiratory infection in horses, but rather a form of equine asthma.

Heaves in horses typically does not manifest until the horse is at least six years of age. The cause of COPD is not known, though equine veterinary research and observation from the last several hundred years has suggested the horses that develop the heaves are affected by their environment. Lots of time spent in a stable filled with old hay, mold, or dust can cause flare ups, and removing them from the triggers can ease the symptoms.