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7 Stunning Piranha Fish Facts for Aquarium Lovers

Piranha Fish

1. Piranha fish are a popular pet for some people, and they are freshwater fish that can work well with tropical fish tanks as long as care is taken with the choice of tank mates. These fish can be exciting to watch when they are fed, as long as you are not squeamish.

7 Most Interesting Freshwater Angelfish Facts

Freshwater Angelfish1. Freshwater angelfish have a different shape from the salt water variety, with a body that is triangle in shape and a coloring that is not as bright and vivid. These freshwater aquarium fish are one of the most popular species purchased for home aquariums, and they are fairly easy to care for.

2. When both freshwater and saltwater angelfish species are counted there are more than one hundred varieties of these fish available.

Gourami Fish Care

Gourami FishGourami fish can be a fantastic addition to any aquarium, but how should you care for these fish? There are more than a dozen common varieties of Gourami that you can find in pet shops, and each may have certain requirements. In general these fish are very hardy, get along well with others, and are fairly easy to care for. They are freshwater aquarium fish that can be seen in many different color and marking designs, and are delightful to watch.

Glow Fish – First Genetically Modified Fish on Aquarium Market!

Glow FishWhen researches in Singapore spliced the fluoresce gene into the eggs of Zebra Danios, the result was the world’s first glow in the dark pets: Glow Fish! These shimmering, brightly colored fish resembling other species of zebra fish or Neon Tetra, actually glow under black light.

First created to aid scientists in tracking the course of pollutants through water, the Glow Fish were then used as educational tools in the classroom. When word got out about these glow in the dark fish secret demand began to build for them to arrive in pet stores. Professor H.J. Tsai never intended his creations to reach a mass market, but when a Taiwanese fish supply corporation made him an offer, he accepted.

Neon Tetra Breeding – How To Breed Neon Tetra Fish?

Neon TetraNeon Tetra, with their shining scales and silver, red, and blue streaks, are one of the highest selling freshwater aquarium fish. There are also black neon tetra and green neon tetra variations, named for those exact colorations.

Neon Tetra are peaceful by nature, and can be easily bred at home. To breed Neon Tetra, you will need several tanks ready for the breeding and egg laying process. A tank well suited for breeding will have no scavenger species in them (including snails), and keep the temperature of the water around 70-72 degrees. Sterilize the tank ahead of time, and the water should have a pH as close to 7.0 as possible.

Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium Tropical Fish

Aquarium Tropical Fish1. Tangs – One of the most popular aquarium tropical fish is the Tang. There are a number of species to choose from, and they all contain vivid colors and are stunning to look at. This species does require a little more care, but they are well worth it.

Live Aquarium Plants Care – Easy or Not?

Live Aquarium PlantsLive aquarium plants provide more than just decoration. Just like plants do above water, underwater plants covert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Some species can also absorb harmful nitrites and nitrates, and others can even provide food for many freshwater aquarium fish. Caring for live aquarium plants, though, isn’t always an easy task. Many beginners may even find it near impossible. Just like the fish in your tank, the best way to take care of aquarium plants is to replicate their natural habitat.

Top 10 Freshwater Aquarium Fish List

Freshwater Aquarium FishIf you are looking for great choices in freshwater aquarium fish, you can find ten of the best choices right here. The list below includes some of the best choices for these types of aquarium setups.

1. Cichlids – This group of fish includes more than 900 different species including the popular discus fish. These fish come in a wide range of brilliant colors but most are social so you’ll need quite a few and that means a big tank.