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Ferret Diet: Top 10 Foods

Ferret Diet1. Whole mice- A ferret diet that contains whole mice, whether live or frozen and then thawed, is one of the best diets possible. This food is identical to what your pet would eat in the wild, and contains plenty of protein.

2. Whole rats- Proper ferret care means a diet high in fat and protein but with few if any carbs or vegetables. Whole rats make the ideal prey, but make sure you buy animals that are safe and healthy, without any diseases or infections.

Ferret Food Recipes

Ferret FoodA rapidly growing movement is the raw or natural food movements. This is not limited just to people, but also includes pet food. If looking to avoid the potential contaminants, fillers, and sugars in processed ferret food, it is best to first consult your veterinarian. Not all ferrets will take to a drastic change in their diet, so use caution.

When looking to vary a ferret diet, or just looking to save a little money on ferret supplies, homemade food is an option. So, what do ferrets eat? Much like cats, ferrets are carnivores. Thus, any meals made for ferret care at home should contain as little grain or vegetables as possible, avoid sugars, and contain some amount of animal fat.

Ferret Care Guide: Top 10 Things Ferret Owners Need To Know

Ferret CareIs a ferret right for you? Here are some ferret facts that you should know when considering a fuzzy rascal of your own.

Top 10 Things Ferret Owners Should Know:

1. Ferrets are Domestic Animals — While some claim that ferrets are still wild, this is simply incorrect. Humans have taken to ferret care for nearly 2,000 years. They are thoroughly domesticated and cannot survive well without human caregivers.