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Prescription Diet Cat Food – When Does Your Cat Need It?

Prescription Diet Cat Food

Is prescription diet cat food really necessary, or is it simply overpriced and a great way for your vet to earn extra income? Most vets are honest, and will only prescribe a specific food for certain medical problems or conditions if the dietary needs are legitimate.

Dog Diabetes Diet

Dog DiabetesDog diabetes develops in approximately 1 out of every 500 dogs. Female dogs and certain breeds are more prone to developing dog diabetes than others.

Diabetes symptoms in dogs include drinking more water than usual, urinating more often and in greater quantity, and acting sad or lethargic.

Feline Diabetes Diet – What Foods To Consider?

Feline Diabetes DietWhile we all know diabetes is a serious health problem for humans, most people didn’t know it could be a problem for cats, too. The best solution is a feline diabetes diet but owners often don’t know their cat even has a problem for a long time. Understanding the disease and the best diet solution is important for the health of your feline.

Feline Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes in cats occurs when their bodies cannot properly use the converted sugar from their food for energy.