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Top 5 Singing Birds

Singing Birds

1. Canary

One of the top singing birds is the canary, a bird that has been known for many centuries for the beautiful song it sings. These pets are small, and do not require much attention as long as there are several of them together. Singing canary birds can be perfect for apartments and small spaces, and their song will bring a lot of joy into your life when you have these birds as pets.

Keeping Rainbow Lorikeets As Pets

Lorikeets As PetsKeeping Lorikeets as pets is popular with those who enjoy larger birds, and the Rainbow Lorikeet is one of the biggest in this bird family. You should not consider a single bird if you can not provide constant stimulation and companionship, because these pets need to be social throughout the day. Pet parrots have a lot of needs, and they can be expensive to keep, but if you can afford it then many of these birds can make excellent friends.

Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic Pet BirdsWith so many dozens of species and palettes of exotic pet birds to choose from, finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming. Below are just a handful birds for you to consider when searching for a bird buddy.

Top 10 Exotic Pet Birds

1. Miligold Macaw — These bird species are bred from Military Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. With the best of both worlds, they are vibrant, affectionate, laid back, and may speak.

Moluccan Cockatoo Birds For Sale – Where to Find?

Cockatoo Birds for SaleFinding cockatoo birds for sale can be far tougher than buying a run of the mill cockatiel or parakeet. Even more challenging is buying a moluccan cockatoo. These birds are endangered in their wild habitat, and international trade is banned in many countries, so shipping them out of Indonesia is near impossible. Also, unlike many exotic pet birds, the moluccan cockatoo has had difficulty breeding in captivity. Recently, though, some American breeders have had limited success, helping to introduce a new wave of handfed captive bred moluccans into the legal bird market.

Owls as Pets – My Child Wants A Harry Potter’s Bird!

Owls As PetsHedwig, Harry Potter’s beautiful white owl, plays both dedicated pet and handy messenger in the Harry Potter series. He easily lands on Harry’s bare arm and happily hangs out in the dorm or spends his time flying between message drops. From watching these films it is easy to see why many children would suddenly want owls as pets. Unfortunately, other than beauty and majesty, owls in the real world share none of Hedwig’s traits. Owls are wild animals and are certainly not on the list of great exotic pet birds.

Canary Birds For Sale – 5 Best Places On The Web!

Canary Birds For SaleLooking online for canary birds for sale can be a daunting task. With the rampant number of scam sites it is hard to tell who is actually going to do what you pay them for. Buying a bird online is also different than, say, just buying decorative bird cages online. These are live animals, so the merchant needs to have a solid plan for shipping your new pet to you. Online canary bird breeders should have lots of photos and you should be able to ask for up to date pictures of the breeder bird’s cages.

7 Things to Know About Miligold Macaw

Miligold MacawExotic pet birdsexotic pet birds can be very rewarding pets. They are usually affectionate animals and often become closely attached to their owners. They do, however, have a few traits that you should know before deciding to buy a new pet parrot. Some of these traits are true of all macaw breeds, and a few are specific to the miligold macaw.

Yellow Collared Macaw Diet – How To Feed Your Pet Parrot?

Yellow Collared MacawThe yellow collared macaw may be the smallest of the macaw species, but they certainly are not the least fun as pets. These parrots are known to be very intelligent, and many have a personality similar to a small child. They are affectionate and, like a small child, will do just about anything to get the attention they want.