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Cat Seizures Natural Remedies

Cat SeizuresCat seizures can be caused by multiple factors. Fluctuating blood sugar levels due to various medical conditions can contribute to your cat experiencing seizures. There are other causes of cat seizures that should be considered. Anemic cats experience brain oxygen shortages resulting in seizures. Toxins such as lead, antifreeze and chocolate can contribute seizures in cats. Infections, brain tumors, kidney or liver disease can cause seizures. If your cat has a high fever because of infection or has elevated body temperature from being locked in a hot car during summer it can also have seizures. Finally, insufficient blood flow to the brain or an injury to the brain may be the cause.

Feline Epilepsy Symptoms and Treatment

Feline EpilepsyIf your cat is having seizures, she could have feline epilepsy. Since there is no test for feline epilepsy, the veterinarian will have to do a thorough work up in order to eliminate other causes of cat seizures. A cat who runs a high fever or whose body has overheated because of environment like being locked in a hot car, may seize. Another cause of seizures in cats is anemia which results in the brain not receiving enough oxygen.

Epilepsy in Cats Causes

Epilepsy in CatsEpilepsy in cats is very disconcerting for pet owners. There are three recognized types of cat seizures, namely, petit mal, grand mal and status epilepticus. Petit mal seizures symptoms like limb twitching and blank stare are so mild in nature that might not even be noticed at first by pet owners. Grand mal seizure symptoms, on the other hand, are more vividly displayed.