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Dogs Having Seizures – How Can You Help?

Dogs Having SeizuresExperts estimate that about 4% of dogs having seizures as a result of epilepsy. A veterinarian should do a thorough examination and work up to rule out other dog seizures causes like toxic plants, brain injury, brain tumor, liver problems, heart problems or blood sugar issues. Canine epilepsy symptoms vary with the type of seizure. In a generalized seizure the dog’s muscles get stiff, the dog falls to the ground, and the dog makes jerking motions with its limbs and/or face. In a focal seizure, there is no twitching or jerking. The dog’s eyes are open but it is totally unaware of its surroundings. Obviously these seizures are hard to recognize.

Pain Relief for Dogs at Home

Pain Relief for DogsYour dog is your best friend. You can tell when your best friend is in pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Pain resulting from an injury or surgery is called acute pain. Pain that comes from arthritis or hip dysplasia is called chronic pain. You may be surprised to learn that pain relief for dogs is very much the same as pain relief for humans. The first thing to do is have your dog examined by a veterinarian to find the cause of the pain. If the cause cannot be eliminated then you will want to take measures for pain relief for dogs. Simple things like hot or cold compresses can be helpful, but your dog may be a little resistant at first. Some people have acupuncture preformed on their dogs!