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Top 5 Dog Flu Symptoms

Dog Flu SymptomsDog flu symptoms are very much like human flu symptoms. The dog flu is a type A virus that started out in horses and mutated to affect dogs. At this point the dog flu or H3N8 virus does not transfer to humans but the Centers for Disease Control have this virus on the “emerging disease” list. Unfortunately, viruses have an amazing ability to mutate and jump to another species. These are some of the top dog flu symptoms:

1. A hacking, dry cough that lasts from one to three weeks. Note: Dog flu is easily confused with kennel cough. Check with your veterinarian.

Dog Sneezing and Snorting Causes and Treatment

Dog Sneezing and SnortingDog sneezing and snorting is sometimes dismissed by owners as one of their pet’s quirks or as common for their breed, but these behaviors can be symptoms of more serious problems, quite frequently allergies.

Understanding Dog Allergies

For most canines, dog sneezing and snorting is related to seasonal allergy problems much like humans.

Dog Allergies Benadryl Dosage Guide – When and How Much?

Dog Allergies Benadryl DosageYou probably know that Benadryl is a common antihistamine used by humans to treat their allergies. You may not have known that the same medication can be used by dogs for similar reasons. Before beginning the treatment, however, you need to know more about the appropriate dog allergies Benadryl dosage.

Symptoms to Watch For

First, you need to be aware of