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Vetmedin Side Effects in Dogs

Vetmedin Side Effects

What are the possible Vetmedin side effects, and what should you watch for if the vet has prescribed this medication for your dog? This medicine is used to treat congestive heart failure, and there are a number of possible side effects that can occur with this treatment. Vetmedin for dogs can help improve the quality and length of life for dogs that have specific types of congestive heart failure

Vetoryl For Dogs Side Effects

Vetoryl for DogsCanine Cushing’s disease, more specifically known as hyperadrenocorticism, is a condition in which excess levels of cortisol are produced by the adrenal glands. Most commonly found in older dogs, hyperadrenocorticism is more common than you might think.

Symptoms include excessive hair loss, increased drinking/urination, or a dog not eating. One of the many treatment options for hyperadrenocorticism is Vetoryl. Vetoryl for dogs helps inhibit the overproduction of hormones, and to treat tumors that form on the glands—one of the main causes of the hormone overproduction. Many claim that Vetoryl for dogs showed greater improvement than Lysodren for dogs.

Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed

Sick Dog SymptomsSymptoms for illness in humans are relatively easy to determine. Questions like “What hurts?” “How does your head feel?,” or “When did you start feeling queasy?” can usually be answered straightforwardly. However, when dealing with sick dog symptoms, there are no responses easily gauged. So it is up to the owner to watch the signs and take necessary actions.

How can you tell when your canine friend isn’t well? Here are ten sick dog symptoms to note.

Sick Dog Vomiting and Diarrhea Causes

Sick Dog VomitingA sick dog vomiting can be caused by something as simple as food disagreeing with the dog or a stomach virus or by a more serious underlying illness. Most dog owners are sensitive enough to their pets to pick up on when their dog is not feeling up to par. Sick dog symptoms include sleeping a lot, not engaging in normal activities, vomiting, diarrhea, whimpering, or the dog not eating or drinking. Sick dog vomiting and diarrhea can sometimes be relieved by giving the dog Pepto Bismol!

Dog Not Eating or Drinking Water – What To Do?

Dog Not EatingIf you notice your dog not eating or drinking water your dog is probably sick. Other sick dog symptoms include a change in activity level, diarrhea, vomiting, and seeming overall cranky. In the case of a sick dog vomiting, your dog not eating may mean that the dog is following its own natural wisdom or it could be a sign of something serious. A dog not eating much for a day or two is nothing to be alarmed about. But a dog not eating for more than that should see a vet.

Pepto Bismol for Dogs Review

Pepto Bismol for DogsDog health problems can be exasperating for their owners because your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong or where it hurts. If you notice that your dog has vomiting, diarrhea or the dog not eating it may be suffering from digest upsets just as people do occasionally. Pepto Bismol for dogs can provide temporary relief. Every 4 to 6 hours, you can give the dog 1 teaspoon or ¼ tablet of Pepto Bismol for each 20 pounds of weight. If you are going to use Pepto Bismol for dogs be sure to give your veterinarian a call first. If the symptoms return when you stop using Pepto Bismol for dogs it is time to take the dog in for an examination to diagnoses underlying problems.

Ringworm in Dogs Home Remedy

Ringworm in DogsIf you notice your dog not eating normally, you might think Fido has ringworm. Ringworm in dogs is not really a worm at all! Ringworm is actually a fungus that lives in the hair follicle. The fungus causes round patches on the skin where there the hair has fallen out. The edge of the circle is raised.