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Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Natural Treatment vs. Surgery

Hip Dysplasia in DogsHip Dysplasia in dogs is an unfortunately common ailment of the back joints and the leading cause of arthritis in large breeds. Obesity or lack or exercise can aggravate the progression of the condition, but is not a sure cause. Hip dysplasia is actually a genetic condition, and while some smaller breeds of dogs and cats are not immune, it is more common to find German shepherd hip dysplasia over terrier hip dysplasia.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs usually include difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, whining while extending legs, or avoiding play or exercise. All of these are signs that the dog is in pain, and at this time the condition is incurable. That is not to say there is no such thing as a dog hip dysplasia treatment, but the nature of the condition means that treatments will have to continue for the rest of the dog’s life.

Dog Knee Surgery Recovery Guide

Dog Knee SurgeryWhen should you consider dog knee surgery? If your dog is lethargic, limps, has trouble standing up or sitting down, or no longer wants to run or play, you should talk to your veterinarian. A thorough examination is needed to get to the underlying cause of this behavior. Dog joint pain could be the result of an injury or from arthritis as part of the aging process.

Rimadyl Side Effects Review

Rimadyl Side EffectsDogs can get degenerative arthritis just like people do. Degenerative arthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the joints wears down because of age or injury. Dog joint supplements can help prevent arthritis. They can also help rebuild cartilage even after arthritis develops. Dog joint pain can make your pet’s life miserable. You may notice that your dog doesn’t want to play, moves stiffly, limps or whimpers upon moving. Fortunately, there are a number of options for pain relief for dogs.

Dog Vitamins Review

Dog VtaminsDog vitamins carefully chosen by your pet’s veterinarian will help your pet remain at the top of its shape and prevent many dog maladies. Even though the food you give to your dog claims to be a complete source of nutrition, you might want to consider dog vitamins as well. Most dog foods contain additives that can cause oxidative stress and damaging free radicals. A natural dog vitamin with antioxidants protects against damage. If you prepare your own food for your dog, he may not be getting a balanced diet. Dog vitamins make up for what may be missing. If you are in doubt about what kind of dog vitamins to buy, just ask your veterinarian.

Dog Joint Supplements Review

Dog Joint SupplementsWhat Are Joint Supplements?

Dog joint supplements are similar to multivitamins, but they contain substances that in proper joint function and help heal damaged joints. These substances are the same that many human joint supplements contain. The most well-known of these ingredients is glucosamine.