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Furosemide for Dogs Dosage and Use Guide

Furosemide For Dogs

Furosemide for dogs is a diuretic which is prescribed to eliminate the retention of fluid, and this can be a symptom of congestive heart failure, a number of kidney diseases and conditions, and other medical problems as well. If the dog illness diagnosis for your pet includes any disorder or disease which could cause your pet

Soloxine Side Effects in Dogs

Soloxine Side Effects

What are the possible Soloxine side effects that may affect your pet? This medication is used to treat your dog if their thyroid gland is not producing enough essential hormones. Some of the side effects seen with Soloxine for dogs are mild, and will disappear in a short time. Others can be serious or even fatal, and should be checked out by a vet immediately.

Methazolamide Side Effects in Dogs

Methazolamide Side Effects

There are many possible Methazolamide side effects that can occur if your pet is taking this medication, and you need to know which are serious and which are simply bothersome. Some of the side effects with Methazolamide for dogs can lead to serious complications or even death, while others will not require this medication to be stopped.

Doxycycline Side Effects in Dogs – What to Be Aware of?

Doxycycline Side Effects In Dogs

There are a number of possible Doxycycline side effects in dogs, and these can range from very mild to severe or even life threatening. If your pet has been prescribed this drug then it is important to know exactly what side effects are possible, and when to stop the medication and contact your vet or an emergency vet clinic.

Dog Skin Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

Dog Skin CancerDog skin cancer is fairly common and can be a scary prospect, but it doesn’t have to mean it’s all over for your furry friend. Dogs naturally develop tumors more easily than cats – up to six times – but their tumors are more likely to be benign. If you know the signs of canine skin cancer then you can easily detect any irregularities in your dog’s skin with thorough inspections. It is not known exactly what causes skin cancer in dogs, but exposure to the sun appears to be a link, and certain breeds, as well as dogs with light and/or thin coats, statistically develop dog skin cancer more often than others.

Giardia in Dogs – Contagious To Humans?

Giardia in DogsGiardia in dogs is a parasitic condition caused by a protozoan organism called the giardia, which lives in the intestinal tract. The giardia parasite is so small that it sometimes cannot be identified in a fecal examination and, therefore, it may require several examinations for giardia in dogs to be detected. Additionally, it is debated as to whether or not the parasite itself causes disease, as there are many cases in which symptoms of giardia in dogs are not observable.

Kennel Cough Vaccine Benefits and Side Effects

Kennel Cough VaccineIf you’re a dog owner, it’s almost mandatory that you look into the kennel cough vaccine. Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that can be cause by a virus or a bacterium. It is easily spread from dog to dog by way of coughing, sneezing, close contact, and even exposure to surfaces that have been tainted by a sick dog. Kennel cough in dogs is contagious even for several days after symptoms disappear and it often takes upwards of twenty or more days for the infection to run its course.

Dog Health Insurance Comparison

Dog Health InsuranceYou may wonder if dog health insurance is necessary. The truth is, if your dog gets sick and has to be rushed to the vet, it could end up costing you thousands. Considering you may purchase insurance for your dog for as low as five dollars a month, dog insurance is definitely something worth looking into. You may purchase health insurance for dogs as young as eight weeks old.

Top 10 Dog Illness Diagnosis Helping Tips

Dog Illness DiagnosisWhen something just seems “off” about your dog it’s not as easy to as discerning what’s wrong with yourself or with a child who can describe it to you. However, by knowing what to look for and observing sick dog symptoms you can better help your veterinarian properly make a dog illness diagnosis.

Below are the Top Ten Symptoms that can help in a dog illness diagnosis when you need it most:

1. Dry Nose — A dog’s nose should be moist and cool, and a nose that is not indicates illness. By gently touching the tip you can tell if your dog’s nose is dry or cracked.

Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed

Sick Dog SymptomsSymptoms for illness in humans are relatively easy to determine. Questions like “What hurts?” “How does your head feel?,” or “When did you start feeling queasy?” can usually be answered straightforwardly. However, when dealing with sick dog symptoms, there are no responses easily gauged. So it is up to the owner to watch the signs and take necessary actions.

How can you tell when your canine friend isn’t well? Here are ten sick dog symptoms to note.