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German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia Prevention

German Shepherd Hip DysplasiaGerman shepherds are among the many breeds most commonly afflicted by canine hip dysplasia (CHD). German shepherd hip dysplasia is transferred genetically, just as it is with gold retriever hip dysplasia, and forms of the condition that effect other breeds. The disease causes a deterioration of the ligaments that helps secure the joint and usually begins early in a dog’s life, even though hip dysplasia in dogs will generally not be obvious until much later.

There are treatments for German shepherd hip dysplasia, both conventional and holistic. The more conventional dog hip dysplasia treatment includes painkillers, and if necessary, surgery. Holistic treatments focus on herbal supplements which can provide pain relief for dogs, and in some cases show reparation of the joints and a higher quality of life for the afflicted canine.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Natural Treatment vs. Surgery

Hip Dysplasia in DogsHip Dysplasia in dogs is an unfortunately common ailment of the back joints and the leading cause of arthritis in large breeds. Obesity or lack or exercise can aggravate the progression of the condition, but is not a sure cause. Hip dysplasia is actually a genetic condition, and while some smaller breeds of dogs and cats are not immune, it is more common to find German shepherd hip dysplasia over terrier hip dysplasia.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs usually include difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, whining while extending legs, or avoiding play or exercise. All of these are signs that the dog is in pain, and at this time the condition is incurable. That is not to say there is no such thing as a dog hip dysplasia treatment, but the nature of the condition means that treatments will have to continue for the rest of the dog’s life.

Pain Relief for Dogs at Home

Pain Relief for DogsYour dog is your best friend. You can tell when your best friend is in pain. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Pain resulting from an injury or surgery is called acute pain. Pain that comes from arthritis or hip dysplasia is called chronic pain. You may be surprised to learn that pain relief for dogs is very much the same as pain relief for humans. The first thing to do is have your dog examined by a veterinarian to find the cause of the pain. If the cause cannot be eliminated then you will want to take measures for pain relief for dogs. Simple things like hot or cold compresses can be helpful, but your dog may be a little resistant at first. Some people have acupuncture preformed on their dogs!

Dog Hip Dysplasia Treatment

Dog Hip Dysplasia TreatmentLarge breeds of dogs are prone to hip dysplasia. German shepherd hip dysplasia is common. Hip dysplasia in dogs occurs when the leg bone does not fit properly in the hip socket. The ligaments become loose and can’t support the joint properly any more. Next, the cartilage, a tough but slippery substance, wears down so that bone rubs against bone.

Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs Review

Liquid Glucosamine for DogsWalking with our dogs is something many pet owners take for granted until their pet begins showing signs of osteoarthritis or other joint problems. Glucosamine for dogs may be a solution to help ease your pet’s pain and make life more comfortable for him.

Glucosamine Background

Liquid glucosamine for dogs is the same type of supplement given to humans to ease their joint pain.