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Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed

Sick Dog SymptomsSymptoms for illness in humans are relatively easy to determine. Questions like “What hurts?” “How does your head feel?,” or “When did you start feeling queasy?” can usually be answered straightforwardly. However, when dealing with sick dog symptoms, there are no responses easily gauged. So it is up to the owner to watch the signs and take necessary actions.

How can you tell when your canine friend isn’t well? Here are ten sick dog symptoms to note.

Top 5 Dog Flu Symptoms

Dog Flu SymptomsDog flu symptoms are very much like human flu symptoms. The dog flu is a type A virus that started out in horses and mutated to affect dogs. At this point the dog flu or H3N8 virus does not transfer to humans but the Centers for Disease Control have this virus on the “emerging disease” list. Unfortunately, viruses have an amazing ability to mutate and jump to another species. These are some of the top dog flu symptoms:

1. A hacking, dry cough that lasts from one to three weeks. Note: Dog flu is easily confused with kennel cough. Check with your veterinarian.