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Parvo Symptoms in Puppies – What To Do?

Parvo Symptoms in PuppiesParvo symptoms in puppies are fairly easy to detect and are good for any dog owner to know, considering getting to the vet in time can mean the difference between life and death for your puppy. So, what is Parvo and why is it so dangerous? Canine Parvovirus symptoms spread rapidly in the intestinal tract, and infect puppies much more often than dogs. Because puppies are so susceptible to Parvovirus, most vets recommend vaccinations as early as four weeks and continuing until twenty weeks of age.

Cat Aggression Towards People Review

Cat Aggression Towards PeopleCat aggression towards people, especially their owner, can be very upsetting. Understanding the source of cat aggression towards people is the first step in changing the cat’s behavior. Early intervention is important. If your cat is young, it may be exhibiting play aggression. As kittens get older they learn to modify their play. A cat who shows aggression when confronted with a stranger is displaying fear aggression.

Dog Distemper Treatment – What Can I Do To Help My Dog?

Dog DistemperWhat is Distemper?

Distemper in dogs is one of the most dangerous diseases for dogs. Just like the flu, distemper is a virus. This virus is spread through similar channels as the flu as well. It can be transmitted in bodily secretions, drool or mucus, and other bodily fluids like blood or urine; it can even be spread in feces. Unlike the flu, though, distemper has been known to cause a grim prognosis for many pets. Dog distemper attacks many different systems in your dog’s body.