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Discus Fish Care – Top 10 Things To Remember!

Discus Fish CareDiscus fish care is a much talked about subject, especially given the popularity of these fish. Here are some top tips you need to remember when taking care of these fun and beautiful freshwater tropical fish.

1. Tank Size – Remember that discus love deep tanks that hold a lot of water. Try to get the largest permitted by your space and budget. You need a depth of at least 18 inches.

Top 10 Freshwater Aquarium Fish List

Freshwater Aquarium FishIf you are looking for great choices in freshwater aquarium fish, you can find ten of the best choices right here. The list below includes some of the best choices for these types of aquarium setups.

1. Cichlids – This group of fish includes more than 900 different species including the popular discus fish. These fish come in a wide range of brilliant colors but most are social so you’ll need quite a few and that means a big tank.