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Chameleon Pet Facts

Chameleon Pet FactsOne of the chameleon pet facts that is astonishing is the wide variety of species and appearances that these lizards can include. There are over one hundred species of this lizard type, with varying colors and physical features. Some, like the Jacksons Chameleon, has horns and look similar to prehistoric dinosaurs. Chameleon pet care can be difficult, especially for inexperienced reptile owners, because of the requirements that this lizard has. One of the most important chameleon pet facts that should be considered before you decide to get one is the lifespan of this type of lizard. Chameleons can live for between two and ten years for the most part, and this will depend on the specific species as well as proper care being given.

Chameleon Pet Care – What To Do?

Chameleon Pet CareIndividuals who are interested in finding a unique pet may be interested in the color-changing nature of the chameleon. Before purchasing one of these lizards, however, you need to have a good idea of the type of chameleon pet care is required. Here are some details about how to care for this reptile.

Chameleon Size and Housing Size

When you see most chameleons for sale,