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Top 10 Cat Toys

Cat Toys

1. Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse

One of the top ten cat toys is the Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser Mouse, and this toy will give your pet hours of fun and excitement.

Laser Declawing For Cats Review

Laser Declawing for CatsIn many countries, the debate of the “barbaric” nature of declawing is a non-issue, as laws are in place deeming it as such, and is illegal. However, in the United States, the debate still rages on, and recently laser declawing for cats has been offered up as an alternative for conventional declawing.

First, you must understand what the laser declawing for cats process involves. Removing a claw is not like removing a human’s nail, it is a surgery that removes the last joint of the toes from which the claw grows. Declawing cats is essentially like removing the entirety of your fingertips from your hands.

Cat Scratching Carpet – How to Stop It?

Cat Scratching CarpetThere it is again- the dreaded noise of the cat scratching carpet. You rush into the room to stop the behavior. You stomp. You yell. You clap your hands. You may even lightly swat the kitty, aka The Shredder, but nothing seems to stop the cat scratching carpet.

Cat Scratching Post – How to Choose the Best?

Cat Scratching PostIf you decide not to declaw your pet cat, you’re definitely going to want to invest in a cat scratching post. No matter what you might have heard you can’t teach a cat not to scratch. Your only option is to provide an alternative to the things you treasure so they don’t end up being destroyed. Here are some tips on finding the perfect cat scratching furniture for your home.