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Pain Relief for Cats with Arthritis

Pain Relief For Cats

Pain relief for cats who have arthritis can be tricky, because your cat may experience stiffness, joint pain, and difficulty moving at times. Arthritis can be very painful, and can affect the quality of life that your cat has.

Feline Asthma Symptoms

Feline Asthma SymptomsFeline asthma symptoms can be different for each cat, and recognizing these signs can help you ensure that your cat receives the proper treatment and does not experience respiratory arrest. Sneezing in cats can be caused by asthma, or it can be a sign of many other problems such as a respiratory infection, a virus, and even an eye infection. Coughing is another sign that your cat may be having a problem with asthma.

Cat Eye Infection Home Remedy

Cat Eye Infection Home RemedyA cat eye infection home remedy can help you provide relief for your pet until you can get the cat to the vet, or if you already know what the problem is because of previous infections. One common eye infection in cats is feline conjunctivitis, and in this condition the conjunctiva will become inflamed and irritated. This can lead to a discharge, redness, and pain for your cat.

Top 10 Sick Cat Symptoms

Sick Cat SymptomsBeing a cat owner can be hard, and knowing sick cat symptoms is important, especially knowing your feline friend can’t tell you when it’s sick. Want to know when to take your cat to the vet and when to just let it sleep it off? Look over this list of top ten sick cat symptoms for a heads up:

FIV in Cats Controversy – Contagious or Not?

FIV in CatsAny cat owner has most likely heard of the potential danger of FIV in cats, but may not understand the implications of the illness. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It is related to HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and occurs in about two and half percent of all cats in the United States. There seems to be a lot of controversy over whether or not FIV in cats is contagious, and how it may be spread. Here are some facts about FIV to put things into perspective:

Feline Conjunctivitis Home Treatment

Feline ConjunctivitisFeline conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye problems that affect cats. The conjunctiva is the covering of the eyeball and inside of the eyelid. When it gets inflamed or swollen, your pet has feline conjunctivitis. The cat’s eye will be very red. The third eyelid may cover part of the eye. Your cat may express sick cat symptoms by rubbing her eyes with her paws or by rubbing her face against furniture or your leg. This condition can be very painful to your pet.

Cat Skin Diseases and Symptoms

Cat Skin DiseasesCat skin diseases have many causes. The first step in diagnosing and treating cat skin diseases is for your veterinarian to examine the cat and classify the skin problem. Just like people, cats can have rashes, lesions, and cysts, to name just a few cat skin problems. Symptoms of cat skin diseases include a dry, dull coat; loss of hair; irritated, red skin; flaky dry skin; bumps or lumps; scabs or scaly patches; excessive scratching.

Feline Epilepsy Symptoms and Treatment

Feline EpilepsyIf your cat is having seizures, she could have feline epilepsy. Since there is no test for feline epilepsy, the veterinarian will have to do a thorough work up in order to eliminate other causes of cat seizures. A cat who runs a high fever or whose body has overheated because of environment like being locked in a hot car, may seize. Another cause of seizures in cats is anemia which results in the brain not receiving enough oxygen.

Epilepsy in Cats Causes

Epilepsy in CatsEpilepsy in cats is very disconcerting for pet owners. There are three recognized types of cat seizures, namely, petit mal, grand mal and status epilepticus. Petit mal seizures symptoms like limb twitching and blank stare are so mild in nature that might not even be noticed at first by pet owners. Grand mal seizure symptoms, on the other hand, are more vividly displayed.

Top 10 Things to Know About Cat Vaccinations

Cat VaccinationsCat vaccinations, like human vaccines, are an important weapon in the battle against disease. These vaccines help to all but eradicate many diseases that were once the leading causes of death for our pets. Because side effects are inherent in any medication, it is good to know what to look for and why the, low, risk is necessary. Here is a top 10 list of the most important things to know about cat vaccinations.