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7 Interesting Facts About Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll CatsRagdoll cats are bulky, large-breed felines known for their watery blue eyes, thick and plush fur (think the opposite of short-haired Siamese cats) and distinctive coat coloring, and their easy-going personality makes them the perfect addition to any family. If you are looking into ragdoll cats for sale, you’ll want to know more about the breed before making a decision. The ragdoll breed has an intriguing history and it’s personality has many notable characteristics.

Cat Fleas on Humans – How To Avoid Getting Bitten?

Cat Fleas on HumansCats make wonderful companions for people but for Ctenocephalides felis they may even better food. That term refers to the cat flea, a small parasite that feeds on felines as well as dogs and wild rodents. Cat fleas on humans can cause serious problems, including allergies and disease. Learning how to prevent this problem is an important part of sharing your home with a cat.