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Cat Watery Eyes Treatment Solutions

Cat Watery EyesCat watery eyes can be caused by many different problems, including allergies, a number of viral infections, defects or an absence of the tear ducts, and even the type of breed can determine the cause of this problem. Some breeds are more likely to have physical defects in the tear ducts or other eye features, while other breeds may be more prone to viral infections or nutritional deficiencies that affect the immune system.

Cat Eye Discharge Causes

Cat Eye DischargeThe causes of cat eye discharge can vary, and there are many problems and conditions that can cause this symptom. A small amount of discharge may be normal, and is comparable to sleep in your eyes when you first wake up in the morning. Feline conjunctivitis is another common discharge cause, and this is an infection of the eye that can cause pus and eye irritation. If this is the cause of your cat eye discharge problem then antibiotics will be needed to clear up any infection.

Cat Eye Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Cat Eye InfectionThere are many causes for a cat eye infection, some temporary and others chronic. Symptoms include squinting, swelling, redness, discharge from the eyes yellow, clear, or green in color, a cloudy iris, or the cat pawing at his eyes.

What can be done when it seems there is a cat eye infection? Treatment depends mostly on the underlying cause. While home remedies are possible, any cat eye infection home remedy should be discussed with a veterinarian first.