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My Cat Has Dandruff – How To Get Rid of It?

Cat Has DandruffIf you are a pet owner whose cat has dandruff, then you may wonder how your feline friend got dandruff in the first place and what you need to do to get rid of it and prevent it in the future. Symptoms of cat dandruff appear similar to those of cat ear mites, but if your pay close attention to your cat’s behavior, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your cat suffers from dandruff.

Cat Itchy Skin Causes and Remedies

Cat Itchy SkinWhen dealing with cat skin problems, the most obvious sign is a cat over-grooming, biting, or scratching. Some hair loss may occur just because of constant scratching. So, what gives a cat itchy skin? While the most obvious answer is fleas, there are other signs to look for.

If what gives a cat itchy skin are not the tiny parasites Ctenocephalides felis (the common flea), it can still be caused by other parasites.

Mange in cats is caused by another parasite too small to see with the naked eye, Notoedres cati. The areas of skin affected by feline mange become scaly and itch, and spread of infection comes with patchy hair loss. The dog mange, Sarcoptes scabei may also pass from an infected dog to a cat, but this mange usually does not sustain on a cat for long.

Allergies To Cats in Babies – What Can I Do To Prevent?

Allergies to CatsCause of Allergies

Severe allergies, such as allergies to cats, are a kind of bodily malfunction. When something enters our body that shouldn’t be there it may trigger a sneeze or cough to expel it. If it’s on your skin you may get an itch, your body’s way of getting the allergen off the skin. These are normal and can be felt by almost anyone, just go rub yourself down with poison ivy. No, don’t really.

Cat Ear Mites – How To Get Rid of Them?

Cat Ear MitesWhat is an Ear Mite?

Both dog and cat ear mites infestations are caused by the same bug. They are very small parasites that resemble ticks when viewed under a microscope. Ear mites burrow their way into the ear canal where they will begin to thrive on your pet’s ear wax and skin oils. Just like any other organism, as ear mites feed they give off waste products.